“Tony, when I heard you were writing a book on self defense, I was very excited for you.  I know it’s going to be amazing, and I hope it will help you get even more recognition for all the work you do, you deserve it.  You’ve been teaching self defense here in our community to many different groups on an ongoing basis for years now.  At Sonoma State University, for Real Estate and other specialty interest groups, at our National Night Out event in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety (Police and Fire), at businesses, and to our community members in general.  All I hear are good things.  Last year you and the non-profit school you founded were honored for service to our city.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through Rotary, and on behalf of the City of Rohnert Park, congratulations on your book!”
Gina Belforte, Mayor, City of Rohnert Park


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“Tony has visited my Freshman Interest Group (FIG) class at Sonoma State University for the past few years.  Has talked to my students about risks to personal safety that are present on campus and in the surrounding Rohnert Park community.  He engaged the students in conversation about his personal experiences as well as theirs, opening their eyes to the need to be aware and prepared for unexpected circumstances.  He then led the class in performing simple, effective responses to use if they found themselves in an unsafe situation.  Tony had a great presence with the students, many of which originally did not plan on participating, but were drawn into the activities under Tony’s guidance.  I believe that the personal safety skills that Tony taught to my students are very important and should be taught to all incoming freshman. ”
Jacquelyn Guilford, PhD, Sonoma State University


“Having 13 years of gymnastics under my belt I have experienced a few injuries, which have in turn helped me to raise my body awareness. Because of my unique experience it has been difficult to find individuals who share similar knowledge and understanding of proper posture and safe movement, Tony is one of the few people who not only understands this but also strongly enforces it. Tony is an expert in his field and he demonstrates this not only in his multiple certifications and awards but in his everyday classes. With his extensive knowledge in biomechanics and Martial Arts he is a leader in teaching safe and effective self-defense, Martial Arts, and kickboxing exercises to anyone interested and willing to learn. Tony has developed a strong welcoming environment within his class settings as a result of integrating proper sports etiquette into his teachings. His passion for what he teaches and his expertise in Martial Arts make Tony an inspiring teacher and leader.”
Tanisha Larsen, Sonoma State University, Student Coordinator for InMotion


“Tony is a very engaging speaker and a highly capable instructor… and a really nice guy who genuinely cares about people being safe and feeling safe.”
Diane Novak, North Bay Association of Realtors


“Sensei Tony Johnson is a very valuable part of our Northern California Karate Federation, and has become a good friend.  He is very active in serving his community, and exemplifies the true spirit of Karate-Do.  I’m so excited for him on the release of his new book, and I look forward to reading it.”
Alex Miladi
7th Degree Black Belt: SKUSA, JKA, ISKS
Karate Referee: USAK (USA Karate), PKF (Pan-American Karate Federation), WKF (World Karate Federation)
Vice President/Technical Director : SKUSA (Shotokan Karate USA)
President: NCKF (Northern California Karate-do Federation)
Referee Director: Board of Directors: USAK (USA Karate)


“I’m proud to celebrate the release of The Book on Immediate Self Defense with my friend, Sensei Tony Johnson.  He is a real asset to our Regional and National Karate organizations, and dedicated to lifelong learning.  I have been able to offer many trainings with top level international athletes and teachers, and Tony comes at every opportunity.  He is dedicated to continuous improvement, ongoing training, and lifelong learning.  He is always active in serving his community.  He sets an example we should all follow.”
Sensei Mary Crawford
Chief Instructor/Owner Okaigan Karate International
Northern California Karate Federation Chief Referee
USA National Karate Federation AA Referee
Pan American Karate Federation AA Referee
World Karate Federation AA Referee


“We are lifelong friends. When my brother and I introduced him to Aikido, we never imagined martial arts would become the focus of his life. At least not at first. I quickly realized he was serious when he and I started our own practice sessions that involved a lot of, well, get on the mat and fight, let see what techniques we can pull off. Those were always fun, and a lot of good lessons were learned. Many times painfully. A few years ago I had the opportunity to watch him teach a seminar, it was the first time I had ever seen him teach, and I was impressed with how good of an instructor he had become. His book will be a great addition to any serious martial artist library. Congratulations Tony!”

Casey Rodgers


“I appreciate, especially, the non-intimidating environment & interaction. Thank You. I realize it’s a true need in our community, & a blessing you are here to fill it.”
Michelle Martin, Primerica


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